Turn-Key Rentals


Your Premier Turn-Key Rental and Cash-Flow Solution.

Our clients regularly make a projected 8-12% annual return.

75% of our clients are buying in their IRA (Self-Directed IRA)


Many investors want the benefits of a rental property but are reluctant to take on the hassle and expensive of…
• Finding and acquiring a property
• Repairing the property
• Renting it out
• Managing it

If you’ve wanted to invest but were worried about the unpredictable headaches and frustrations then you’ll love this option…

Turnkey investing is a powerful strategy that creates “the best of both worlds.” You get the cash flow from owning a real estate investing WITHOUT the frustrations and unexpected costs that go into it.

It’s also an excellent solution for investors who live in a market that isn’t as investor-friendly (perhaps housing prices are too high or the rental market isn’t strong enough).

And best of all, this is an ideal strategy for investors who want to be hands-off – so they can continue to work at their job or enjoy a leisurely retirement or even travel!

The Top 7 Advantages Of Turn-Key Investing

Here are top 7 advantages of turn-key investing…

1. Fast and simple to acquire: Instead of scouring your local neighborhood or all those annoying Craigslist listings, you can easily invest in a turn-key property with just one phone call. Turn-key companies build up inventories of carefully-chosen turn-key investments and you can simply pick up the phone to get the ball rolling. Check out different turn-key investment companies before investing with one.

2. Cash-flowing right from the very first day: Turn-key properties are already rented before you even acquire them. That means, they’re making you money right from the moment you own the – depositing income into your bank account regularly (and eliminating the annoying hassle of finding a tenant first! Who knows how long that will take!?!)

3. Simple to Own: Turn-key properties are called “turn-key” because they are ready-to-go as soon as you invest in one. (By comparison, other types of investments will usually have an initial period of no income as you acquire them, renovate them, and find tenants – this can become costly, especially if your timeline extends due to unexpected repairs). Turn-key properties are rented and managed before you even acquire them, making them one of the simplest cash-flowing assets you can invest in!

4. Compelling returns that outpace other asset classes: Every turn-key investment is different and we can’t make guarantees of returns, but in our experience most turn-key investments have projected returns in the range of 10% to 15%. And when you consider the fact that these are cash flowing from day one, and are already managed, it increases how quickly you start seeing a return.

5. Provide diversification: Buying turn-key rentals gives your investment portfolio much-needed diversification, in terms of asset class diversification as well as geographic diversification. They’re also a hedge against economic downturn because rental markets tend to improve during recessions (in fact, the turn-key market actually got stronger in the recent real estate downturn as more people needed to rent).

6. Forget a mortgage – many investors just pay cash!: Many investors are held back from investing because they can’t get a mortgage (perhaps because they already have a mortgage, or perhaps because their bank doesn’t want to lend for their non-primary residence, or perhaps because foreign investors can’t get a loan for an out-of-country property). Turn-key rentals can be as cheap as $25,000, making it easier to buy with cash.

7. You probably have more money to invest than you realize: Did you know that you can use your self-directed IRA or 401(k) to invest in turn-key rentals? If you have any money in your account, you can acquire rentals (in the name of your IRA, not in your own name) and those investments will build your retirement portfolio while you sleep!

Here’s how to find the turn-key rentals for your portfolio

As a turn-key company, we acquire properties and create turn-key investments for investors like you. Our rental portfolio is spread in a few key markets that are perfect for turn-key investing: Rockford, IL, Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, Cleveland OH, and Akron, OH. We only invest in what I call B-C+ neighborhoods. These are clean working class neighborhoods.

Once we fix them up, add tenants, and put a property manager in place, they become turn-key investments that are then offered to our VIP buyer list first. Most of the time, our VIP buyer list will usually snap up what we offer within 24-48 hours max (often less). Occasionally, if no one purchases one of our properties (i.e. if we have a lot of inventory), we’ll open them up to any investor who wants them.

So, you can call me to see if we have any inventory available. We do have some from time to time. However, the best way to get access to our best turn-key properties is to join our VIP buyer list CLICK HERE for more info

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